BPO and EUIPO made a tutorials on trade marks and designs
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BPO and EUIPO present tutorials on trade marks and designs

The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria /BPO/ collaborated with the European Union Intellectual Property Office /EUIPO/ in the making process of video tutorials.
 The tutorials are addressed to the general public and aim at providing in simple language of basic information, related to those objects of the industrial property.
In 2018 were presented 3 videos, explaining how to protect a trade mark and  designs as objects of industrial property. The tutorials explain the rules, requirements and the legal framework to be followed during the whole registration process - from the submission of the application to the issuing of the certificate.
You can watch them HERE:
How to protect TM
How to protect Design
How to use TMClass

In 2019 are expected 4 new video tutorials. The first one is already available for the users. It presents basic information on the reform in national practice, resulting from the implementation of the Directive (EU) 2015/2436.
You can watch it HERE:
TM Reform: National Practice